How to pay your building's management and maintenance bills if you live in an apartment building.

Connect to your web banking account.Please use the RFCODE(payment code)that you 've been provided with, which is located οn the upper right corner of your bill.

You could either pay via Single Payment (RF) using your RFCODE and charging your bank account or your card or follow instructions below:

ALPHA BANK: Transfers & payments/Other Payments/Argo Hellas
PIRAEUS BANK: Method 1 (Payments/Alphabetically/Argo Hellas), Method 2 (Payments/Single payment), Method 3 (Payments/Service Providers/Various Service Providers/Argo Hellas)
National Bank of Greece:Method 1 (Transfers & Payments/Bill & Dept payments/Other companies/Argo Hellas), Method 2 (Transfers & Payments/RF payment code)
EUROBANK: New transaction/Pay bills/Other/Argo Hellas

You can also pay at any Greek Bank cash desk that holds your bank account, using the payment document that you allready have under their terms and rules or at any Piraeus Bank ATM (24/7) and Eurobank or Alpha Bank APS (working hours) via Single Payment (RF).

*Our systems are updated automatically after your payment.No need for extra payment confirmation.If you want your bill sent to you electronically every month to your email address call us here or send us an email here. (Include all necessay information like First/Last name,Building's address/Apartment number/Your email). If you haven't been provided with an RF payment code, you pay your bill directly to your building's manager.

E-mail us for more instructions


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